Beatriz Monteavaro
Born 1971, Havana, Cuba Lives and works in Miami, FL
1996 BFA, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Solo Exhibitions
2016 Second Star to the Right and Straight on till Morning, Art at Work, Miami, FL  
         Return to Tomorrow, Faena Art’s Casa Claridge Elevator, Miami Beach, FL
2015 Nochebuena, Locust Projects, Miami, FL                                               
2014 Ouroboros, Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL                       
2011 Date With the Night, Galerie Sultana, Paris, France                                    
2010 We Saw Creatures, Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Quiet Village, Galerie Baumet Sultana, Paris, France
2008 We Are All in the Gutter, But Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars, Fredric Snitzer Gallery,Miami, FL
2006 Surfing and Spying, Shaheen Modern and Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH 
         Have You Found...The Lost Hawaiians?, Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY    
2005 Hungry for You (J’aurais toujours faim de toi), Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL                                                                                                           
2004 White Boys and Heroes, Gulf Coast Museum of Art, Largo, FL
2003 When You Wish Upon a Star, Locust Projects, Miami, FL                       
         Crush with Eyeliner, Ambrosino Gallery, North Miami, FL                                                       
2002 Beat My Guest, Ambrosino Gallery, North Miami, FL                                                                                    
2001 Los Amigos Crack, NFA Space, Chicago, IL

Selected Group Exhibitions
2014 International Friendship Exhibition, Primary Projects, Miami, FL            
         Echos Myron, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL       
2012 Two Person Exhibition with Gavin Perry, Galerie Sultana at Art-O-Rama, Marseille, France                                                                                                      
         Miami Artists in Residence (Two Person Exhibition with Gavin Perry), American Gallery, Marseille, France                                                                                     
2011 Grease Worship, The End, Miami, FL                                                      
        South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship Exhibition, The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum, Miami, FL
        Ping Pong Basel 2011, Morsbergerstrasse 54, Basel, Switzerland
        SouthXEast, Florida Atlantic University Galleries, Boca Raton, FL                              
2010 New Work Miami 2010, Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL                            
         Wide Open Broken, White Vinyl Space, Miami, FL                                              
         Set to Manual, Girl's Club, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
          Zombie: A Mindless Affair, Antena, Chicago, IL
         Just Kidding, There Is No Theme, Twenty Twenty Projects, Miami, FL        
         Drawing Show, Carol Jazzar Gallery, Miami, FL
         With You I Want to Live, The Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Ft Lauderdale, FL 
2008 For You, 3 Walls Gallery, San Antonio, TX                                 
         Schadenfreude, Collins Building, Miami, FL
2007 Nothing Moments, Museum of Contemporary Art, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                  
        11th Hole, Upper East Side Garden, Miami, FL                                                    
         Creating A Scene, Freedom Tower, Miami, FL                                                  
        Talking Heads, Girls’ Club, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
2006 Metro Pictures, The Moore Space, Miami, FL
        Constant Disturbance, Spanish Cultural Center, Miami, FL
        Synthetic Rhapsody, AR Contemporary Gallery, Milan, Italy
2005 Made in Miami, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL 2004   
         Miami Nice, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris, France                               
         Transitory Patterns, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C. 
        Young Miami, Annina Nosei Gallery, New York, NY

2003 Drawing Show, Monya Rowe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY                        
         Wormhole 3, Tent, Rotterdam, Holland
2002 Superhero, Galerie Edward Mitterrand, Geneva, Switzerland 
2001 Paper View, Espacio Minimo, Madrid, Spain                                                 
         Miami Connection, Blue Star Art Space, San Antonio, TX
2000 Making Art in Miami: Travels in Hyperreality, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL

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